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Building Credit With Second Chance Financing.

When GPS Isn't Enough and when the Credit Bureaus Fail to Inform! CLICK HERE ~

Are you suffering profit loss due to negligent customers?

Now, there is a way to sell with confidence and security! Dealer Tac is a NATIONWIDE network database that gives dealers the ability to report missing vehicles, to 2nd chance lenders and repossession companies EVERYWHERE in seconds.

Common Problems:

  • Customers traveling from State-to-State leaving untraceable bad credit 
  • GPS being stripped from the vehicles 
  • Credit Bureaus: Transunion, Equifax , Experian are not as effective or informative. They don't give you the necessary and important information. 

Reporting to Dealer Tac will let other dealers, 2nd chance lenders and reposession companies know when: 

  • A customer has fled with a vehicle 
  • When that customer attempts to buy another vehicle
  • Faulty payments
  • Unpaid loans 

The process is simple, the dealer runs the customer through Dealer Tac's database and you'll get a full detailed report. Sharing knowledge is POWER! The power to know is at the click of a button with Dealer Tac! 

So why choose Dealer Tac? 

  • Instantly reports both negative and positive transactions 
  • Alerts dealers, banks, and reposession companies of faulty customers 
  • Over 6,000 independent dealers nationwide logging information daily 
  • Low membership fee 

 Sell with confidence and start seeing a lower profit loss right away!